Bhima Koregaon Commission gets 7th extension

The January 1st, 2018 caste clashes at Bhima Koregaon near Pune, is being probed by the two-member commission. It's the previous extension ended on April 8 amid the nationwide Covid-19 lockdown. The Bhima Koregaon Commission has been granted a final extension by the Maharashtra home department to complete their task and submit a report before 31st December. This is the 7th extension granted to the two-member commission.

“Through this government order, the commission has been given seventh and last extension till December 31, 2020. The commission should file its report within the extended period,” said an order issued by VM Bhat, deputy secretary, home department.

Due to COVID 19, the commission registrar V.V.Palnitkar said “It has become difficult for advocates and witnesses to attend the hearing due to the fear of infection. The staff is also concerned about the high risk of the virus and have expressed their fears.” He said that the commission is against the idea of them coming to the office in the COVID 19 situation. He also said, “Earlier, we had to postpone hearings during Covid-19 and now the situation has aggravated further. We are finding it very difficult to conduct hearings.”

The commission was constituted by the Maharashtra government to probe The Bhima Koregaon violence that took place during an event held to mark the 200th anniversary of the Bhima-Koregaon battle in Pune district.

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