Bidden shows path towards citizenship for immigrants

Joe Bidden gives hope to the immigrants


On Thursday, President Joe Bidden proposed immigration refurbishment to Congress, one of the most difficult legislative challenges. The legislation, known as the U.S. Citizenship Act 2021.

The proposal includes an eight-year-old path for almost 11 million immigrants living illegally in the U.S, bolsters the nation's refugee and asylum systems, and calls for additional technology to be used to help secure the southern border as the citizenship path is non-conditional in terms of the border's security measures and is referred as a trade-off i.e included in the past immigration bills which were earlier developed to gain Republican support.

Linda Sanchez, a California Democrat, sponsored the bill in the House along with New Jersey Democrat Menendez as chief sponsor. The previous attempts of the reform failed evidently for two decades now, Biden's bill, therefore, could face a daunting path because GOP lawmakers' opposition to legalizing undocumented immigrants which they decry as amnesty was been hardened during the Trump era.

Previously, the White House also had signalled that it is open to breaking the package into pieces and brink back at least few Republicans. Biden meanwhile has also exclaimed that " smaller measures could help fix the system in the meantime". His team also plans to defer the leaders in the House and Senate on the best path forward.

Menendez exclaimed this Thursday that 'it's time to go big on an immigration overhaul after calling former President Trump's immigration policies " a cornerstone of Trump's hateful horror show" '. It's time to bring all 11 million undocumented out of the shadow", he added calling all the immigrants essential workers who were not supposed to be left behind.

He also added saying;" lawmakers barely knows if they can get 60 votes or more until and unless they try for which would be essential to vote on the bill without using the reconciliation process. "Furthermore, several other bills could also serve as a vehicle to move the President's plan. A bipartisan group of lawmakers has introduced the Dream Act, which would eventually offer deportation protections and a citizenship path to immigrants known as Dreamers, who were brought as immigrants to the country as children. Democrats have also supported legislation that would offer relief to farmworkers.

Biden's proposal for the time makes Dreamers, farmworkers, and migrants with temporary status for protection so that one can apply for permanent residence in the country which would help them to allow for citizenship within three years." The faster the process, the easier it becomes but White House has still not signalled to pursue the piecemeal bill to protect", an official says.

Immigrants who were on Ir before Jan 1st, 2021 would be eligible for the legalization process. Thereby, the Menendez and Sanchez bill would also help in expansion of the legal immigration by clearing blockages of those waiting for green cards, etc from time to time.

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