Biden and Modi: Shared commitment to democratic values to strengthen foundations of USA-India ties

US President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to a decisive agenda of furthering bilateral ties between the two nations, over a phone call on Monday.

A photo of Narendra Modi and Joe Biden

(Narendra Modi via Twitter)

The two leaders committed to supporting cooperation and collaboration with regards to the combat against the COVID-19 pandemic effectively. The renewal of partnership in the perspective of tackling climate change, as well as rebuilding economy across the globe so as to benefit the mass population of both nations and defend the world against the afflictions of global terrorism was also a major agenda as reported by the White House.

As per details of the first phone call, both the leaders claimed to provide collective efforts towards promoting free Indo-Pacific that includes freedom of navigation along with territorial integrity and a more firm regional framework through the aid of the Asian NATO (or Quad).

After being elected the 46th President of the United States, Biden has managed to establish contacts with nine foreign leaders over phone calls. Leaders of Canada and Mexico were the first ones being the closest neighbors of the USA, followed by leaders of significant allies, namely, Britain, France, Germany, South Korea, and Australia. Amidst this, he also made interaction with Russian President, Vladimir Putin with necessary motives of extending the New Start Treaty for the span of next five years.

The White House reports actively stated, “The President underscored his desire to defend democratic institutions and norms around the world and noted that a shared commitment to democratic values is the bedrock for the U.S.-India relationship.”

This partnership between India and the USA is anchored in a shared commitment of democratic principles and common interests in strategies and assurance of peace and security in the Indo- Pacific region is expected. Biden and Modi sought to stay in close communication regarding global challenges to foster the fraternity for the betterment of both nations and their people.

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