Bihar Revises Tally; Covid Death Exceeds 6,000 In 24 Hours

Patna High Court has asked to review Bihar's covid death tally after a steep surge in the number of total deaths.

The significant change in Bihar's Covid fatalities, total to over 9,000, has sparked controversies. The 72 percent increase in the number of deaths has created even more doubts. India reported 6,148 more deaths today. As a result of Bihar's update, the greatest single-day increase in the country's history.

The Nitish Kumar government announced on Wednesday that 9,375 people died in the pandemic across the state, up from 5,424 the day before.

Following charges that the Bihar government was concealing the scale of infections and deaths in the state. The Patna High Court ordered an examination of mortality in the second wave of Covid. Last month's shocking images of dead floating in the river and washing up on the shores in Buxar backed up the opposition's claim.

According to new numbers released during the three-week audit, 1,600 individuals died of Covid in Bihar between March 2020 and March 2021. The number of deaths from April to June 7 this year was a whopping 7,775, nearly six times higher.

After verification from all districts, the state's Health Department claimed that around 72 percent more had been added. It provided a breakdown of 38 districts but did not say when these would be implemented.

The difference could be explained by the fact that if a person from another district died in Patna and was cremated here. The death would be counted in the victim's native district rather than Patna. This was stated by Pratyay Amrit, Principal Secretary, State Health Department.

222 people have died in Chief Minister Nitish Kumar's home district of Nalanda. Tejashwi Yadav, the opposition leader, said that the actual death toll was twenty times higher.

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