Bihar: The education minister resigns

Patna: The newly appointed MLA and minister of education from JDU, Mewalal Choudhary resigned from his post just after 3 days on Thursday amid corruption charges in Bihar. Choudhary was held accountable for corruption when he was appointed as the Agricultural University's VC.

MLA Mewalal Choudhary taking the oath on November 16 (Source - Prachalit Media)

Mewalal was 1 out of 14 ministers who took an oath and became a part of the cabinet of Nitish Kumar on Nov. 16. The alleged minister gave the statement over his corruption charges and told the source that no charge-sheet has been filed against him and nobody has proved these allegations of corruption against him. Just on Wednesday, RJD protested against the MLA after he got a place in Nitish Kumar's cabinet. RJD demanded the minister to be sacked and taunted Nitish Kumar that is he going to give Choudhary a medal for his corruption too through a tweet.

The alleged MLA was suspended by the JDU party in 2017 when an FIR was launched against him for corruption when he was the VC of Bihar's Agricultural University. Even at that time, the JDU party was led by Nitish Kumar.

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