Bills passed by Punjab Assembly partial victory, fight will continue: Farmers

The ‘Sanjha Morcha’ will be meeting in Chandigarh on Wednesday to decide the next course of the protests and discuss the Bills passed in the Punjab Assembly.

The ‘Sanjha Morcha’ comprising 30 farm organization heads and members in Punjab said that the Bills passed in Punjab Assembly was their ‘partial victory’ but the protests will continue till they do not win their direct fight with the Central government and three original ‘black laws’ aren’t rolled back at the Central level.

Farmers have however said that the protests shall go on until the three black laws are not scrapped. They emphasized the importance of the ongoing protests imparting pressure on the governor to not sign the bills.

With the Bills passed in Punjab Assembly, the Centre has been shown the power of Assemblies and federal structure has been restored. As indefinite protests like "Rail Roko" disturbed the transportation, farmers decided to ease the agitation after the appeal came from the CM Amarinder Singh.

According to the union, the next outline of protests in the joint meeting on Wednesday. Their aim is to get a minimum support price (MSP) declared for each crop that is produced by the farmers, even those for which the government doesn’t declare MSP yet.

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