Bipin Rawat warns both China and Pakistan, says India won't accept any changes in LAC

In the midst of the stand-off between India and China, the Defense Staff Cheif, General Bipin Rawat warns both China and Pakistan that India won't be accepting any LAC changes.

LAC confrontation between India and China (Source - DNA)

He called the Chinese military actions belligerent and called for status quo restoration without repercussion. General Bipin Rawat stated China and Pakistan as an 'omnipresent danger' and outlined the fact that can't be ruled out.

General Rawat who was invited to celebrate the 60th-anniversary premiering strategic thinking of India explained that a full-scale war with China is a very low probability but India won't be discounting any border confrontation, transgression, and un-provoked tactical military actions. He further stated that the LAC situation in eastern Ladakh remains very tense and assured us that the People Liberation Army is facing consequences for their misadventures in Ladakh from the Indian army.

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