BJP MLAs suspended after hurling shoes to assembly speaker in Odisha

During the proceedings of the Odisha Legislative Assembly, Speaker Surya Narayana slippers and earphones were thrown over the pot. Because of this, three BJP MLAs have to be suspended from this session. These three MLAs of BJP are Jai Narayan Mishra, Vishnu Sethi, and Mohan Majhi. The Speaker of the Legislative Assembly issued the ruling to leave the house while suspending these three MLAs. After this, BJP MLAs walked out of the assembly and staged a protest under Mahatma Gandhi's image. Not only the MLAs of the House, but also the common people have condemned this act of BJP MLAs.

People in the Odisha Legislative Assembly. Source: India Today

In the Odisha Legislative Assembly, BJP MLAs targeted the Speaker and hurled slippers and earphones at him. After this, there was an uproar in the house. Seeing the ruckus in the House, the Speaker declared the proceedings of the House as deferred. As soon as the proceedings of the House resumed, BJD MLA Pramila Malik had proposed to suspend the BJP MLAs against this act. Acting on this proposal, the Speaker has suspended the three legislators from the House for this session after watching the video footage.

From the commencement of the proceedings of the House on Saturday, there was a disturbance. The Congress legislators had demanded a discussion on the mining corruption issue by bringing a multi-pronged proposal. However, the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly did not allow the Congress MLA for this. After this, the Congress MLAs came in the middle of the House opposing it and started making a ruckus. BJP MLAs supported this incident of the Congress. Seeing the ruckus in the House, at first, the Speaker postponed the proceedings of the House till 11:30 pm.

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