BJP'S Silent March turns Violent in Bengal

Arms recovered from Several BJP workers while 113 of them were held for violence in Kolkata during a march to the Chief Minister's office. Several workers including the vice president of the state, Raju Banerjee were injured. Tires were also set on fire by the party workers as a mark of protest.

On Thursday afternoon, several pitched battles were fought in few areas of Kolkata and Howrah, while workers from the BJP party clashed with the police as they were stopped from marching to Nabanna. The march was held in order to protest against the law and order situation in the state regarding the recent murder case of the BJP leader.

The march turned violent as the BJP party workers started throwing stones and bricks at the police while setting out fires to tires during the "March to Nabanna" which was held by the members of the Bhartiya Janata Yuva Morcha. It was also reported that crude bombs were also being thrown at the police during the protests. The police had to use water cannons along with releasing fired tear gas shells to control the rage. They also resorted to lathi charge in order to disperse the violent protesters.

Several protesters along with the party's national secretary and state's vice president were injured so badly that they had to be admitted to hospitals. A case has been lodged against the unidentified protesters as a sub-inspector of Girish Park Police Station was injured during the protest.

The Chief Secretary of the state stated that they have the proof of the violent acts of the BJP workers as arms have been recovered and several policemen have been injured. While the police tried to handle the situation, 89 protesters were detained from Kolkata while 24 were from Howrah.

While on the other hand, the BJP states that the police were the ones who triggered violence and turned their peaceful march into a violent protest. The in-charge of BJP’s West Bengal unit, Kailash Vijayvargiya, claimed that they were attacked by the TMC goons and the police, on the order of the Chief Minister, Mamata Bannerjee.

While denying the charges of provocation and hurling of bombs at the police, the BJP also claimed that the pistol from arms recovered also belonged to a leader's personal security guard. According to the police, the man with the loaded gun, who was arrested in Howrah Maidan is a resident of Bhatinda, called Balwinder Singh.

The march caused the city to be completely standstill, as both the bridges were also closed for traffic and it was also announced by the government that Nabanna would be closed from October 8, for two days. Barricades had to be put up on several areas by the police in order to prevent the protesters to enter Nabanna.

As the police tried to stop the protesters, the BJP workers started breaking the barricades and hurled stones at the police in return. The Chief Minister Mamata Bannerjee held a meeting with DGP Virendra at Bhawani Bhawan, the CID headquarters, as the protests wounded up, and examined the footages of the protests in order to direct the police accordingly.

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