BJP Youth Wing leader Pamela Goswami names BJP leader Rakesh Singh after arrest

Kolkata: Detective department of Kolkata Police has summoned BJP leader Rakesh Singh. This is in connection to the recovery of drugs from the party’s youth wing leader Pamela Goswami. The summons arrived at 4 pm Tuesday.

Pamela Goswami was arrested earlier from the New Alipore area in South Kolkata. She was detained along with a friend named, Prabir Kumar De. The police procured 90gms of cocaine from Pamela’s handbag and car.

Pamela Goswami (Source: Twitter)

Soon after the arrest, Goswami demanded a CID investigation. She took the name of Rakesh Singh and said he should be arrested.

Rakesh Singh opposed this saying that Goswami was positively “brainwashed” by Trinamool Congress and Kolkata Police. He claimed to have lost touch with Pamela for a long time. Singh has been summoned for an interrogation under Section 160 CrPC.

Police said that Pamela’s father, Kaushik Goswami had written a letter to Kolkata Police. He had expressed his views on De influencing Pamela’s involvement in drugs in the name of setting up a business.

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