BKU Spokesperson says that protest will speed up after May 10

Farmer's Protests will speed up after May 10. They continue to camp on the borders of Delhi and plan on marching to Delhi soon to express their grievances to citizens. Source- The Hindustan Times

The Farmer's Protests against the three farm laws have been continuing. After the Republic Day Violence, the Singh and Tikri border has been sealed. The authority has taken measures to not let the farmers enter Delhi. But, the agitation of the farmers did not slow down.

Farmers have started camping at different border points of Delhi. This has been going on for more than four months now. Farmers have built houses out of brick to tackle the extreme heat of summers. Hundreds and hundreds of farmers from Punjab, Haryana, and UP continue to be a part of the protest.

BKU Spokesperson, Ramesh Tikait said on Thursday that their agitation will continue. They plan on continuing the protest for eight more months. At this point, the farmers will be engaged in crop harvesting. He said that the protest will pick up speed after May 10th as it is still a question of their lands and rights.

The Farmers have been in more than ten rounds of negotiation with the government. But the chief body did not roll back the laws as of now. Farmers will continue with their protest unless the government rolls back the laws. The Farmers also want a legal guarantee of getting MSP (Minimum Support Price). There is no mention of MSP in the laws and hence it poses a risk of exploitation of the farmers.

Hannah Mollah, the General Secretary of AIKS (All India Kisan Sabha) said that protestors will march to Parliament in May. He said, "Modi Government and Parliament are not listening to the farmers. Then, it is our right to go in front of Parliament and raise our demand. We will decide sometime between the middle of May". He also said that the protest in March would be peaceful. The Farmers will march to Parliament and express their grief and concerns to the people.

The Farmers have called several strikes and Marches in India since last year. But, the movement hit a curveball due to the violence on Republic Day. Some protestors who were not a part of the official Farmer Unions vandalized barricades in the National Capital. The Delhi Police arrested many people linked with this incident.

The Supreme Court of India suspended the implementation of the Farm Laws. They appointed a three-member committee to look at the grievances of the farmers and find an ' amicable ' solution. This committee was also opposed by the farmers.

This committee has submitted a report on Wednesday. The apex court will hear the matter on April 5th. As per the Hindustan Times, Anil Ghanwat, a member of the committee, said that the outcome depends upon the apex court now.

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