Black, White, Yellow, and now Green fungus case emerged

Image source -Free press journal - first new case of green fungus.

Black fungus, White fungus, Yellow fungus, and now Green fungus. it’s a chain of different colored fungus making the condition of the covers-19 pandemic more severe.

Here is the First case of green fungus.

Indore-A 34 years aged man was admitted to hospital for 2 months as a covid victim and in ICU for a month. After his recovery, he started nose bleeding and a high fever. He also became shaky due to weight loss.

He has now changed positions to Mumbai via air ambulance.

SAIMS- Sri Aurobindo institution of medical science inspected him as a patient of black fungus but in reality, all the symptoms are of green fungus.

Dr. Ravi Desai:(head of the chest disease department) stated whether the sufferer of covid 19 victims’ symptoms of green fungus is the same or who is the victim’s green fungus suffers from the same difficulties.

We need more research to be done on it.

Reference source -Twitter

What is green fungus?

It is known as Aspergillus. There are approximately 180 varieties of this fungus.40 are the species that affect humans.

Reason for green fungus-

1.stored grains

2.Marijuana leaves

3.decaying vegetation

4.compost piles


1.short of breath,



4.Fever in rare cases

5.pain in the chest and bones

6.blood in the urine

Treatment of green fungus


It isn’t a transferable disease
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