Bodies pile up at Bengaluru mortuaries, 1,400 deaths in 2 weeks.

Mortuaries in Bengaluru ran out of space as Covid deaths continue to rise in the second wave of the pandemic.

Source: The Indian Express.

The city recorded 1,812 Covid-19 deaths in April, which was comparatively higher than 971 deaths recorded in September 2020. 1,479 of these deaths in April occurred in the last fortnight.

In just two weeks, the city also recorded 1,400 deaths. At the government Victoria hospital, officials have asked police not to store bodies of unidentified persons beyond a day.

Source: India Today.

As the country suffers from the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, hospital morgues in Bengaluru, especially the small ones, have run out of space. Besides this, cremation grounds and burial grounds are also running full — with people being forced to burn bodies anywhere they find space.

The hospital has the largest mortuary in the city, capable of holding 49 bodies. Earlier this week, the mortuary had about 40 bodies and on average there are at least 25 bodies each day in the second wave.

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