Bombay High Court frees rape alleged after 2 years

Bombay High Court

(Source: Hindustan Times)

Mumbai: A man who was sentenced to life imprisonment due to rape charges was freed by the Bombay court after two years on the state that DNA was not found. The man was sent in imprisonment by the Pasco court and was alleged of raping a minor in 2014.

The Bombay HC freed the man as his blood sample did not match the semen sample recovered from the victim's dress and banished the order as there was no significant proof for the alleged. The child was disappeared on 21st August between 2 am - 6 am and was later found by her mother, brutalized. Later, the officials arrested the alleged after her mother told the authority that the man had ill intentions towards her.

The Bombay HC banished the case rule after not getting proper proof and testimony and ordered the officials to investigate the matter properly.

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