Boy of 13 hanged himself to death, "Time of death" was last searched

On Tuesday afternoon, a 13-year-old adolescent boy hanged himself to death in his maternal uncle's house at Tukaramwadi in Jalgaon.

According to the police, the boy was alone at home when he hanged himself and as soon as he was taken to the hospital he was declared dead.

It started to be four months, the boy was with his uncle. Both his father and uncle run laundry stalls. The uncle claimed that he was addicted to his smartphone which he used to do online classes, even he didn't go out to play.

When the police checked the phone, they got a website that states to predict a person's time of death and this was included in his last searched items.

Police stated that they are still investigating to get other clues too, but side by side they suspect some things on the website could influence the boy too.

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