• Sayanti Dey

Bummer! PUBG Mobile India Launching Delayed

In the last few days, there was intense speculation regarding the return of PUBG in India. The wait for the launch of the PUBG Mobile India version continues. However, we do have some disappointment on the game’s comeback for all the gamers in the Indian community. Well, it has been learned that PUBG Mobile India may not be launched anytime soon or even by March next year. Several media outlets even shared links to download the game, and rumors were on regarding a large scale event to celebrate the return of PUBG in India.

PUBG Mobile India was one of the most hyped games in 2020. PUBG Mobile was first banned in India back in September 2020 and it is now trying to make a comeback in a new avatar. While the company has everything set for the relaunch, they are just waiting for approval from the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (Meity)

But now, it appears that these were just rumors. Now, it is unlikely that PUBG Mobile will be released in the Indian market anytime soon. A senior Govt official has revealed that the return of the PUBG game in India won’t be possible, at least till March 2021. This is a huge disappointment for all PUBG fans in India.

'Efforts from PUBG were made in the right earnest, but the situation is such - that there has been no progress on the matter. We don't see the game making a comeback in India for the next few months, at least not before March 2021. It's unfortunate but everyone has to live with it", the official from PUBG's side.

As per the reports, the new PUBG owners in India were desperately trying to meet officials from MEITY (Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology), for the last four weeks.

But they have been unsuccessful in meeting Govt officials, and this means no development has happened.

Govt had banned PUBG along with several 118 Chinese apps, as they considered the game to be a national security threat and due to the danger which it poses for the young minds.

Even Child Commission authorities have strongly recommended a complete ban on PUBG.

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