CA exams 2021: SC passed the final verdict, directing ICAI to create an opt-out scheme

The court has asked ICAI to provide an opt-out facility to students who themselves or any of their family members are suffering from Covid-19.

Image Source: Bar and Bench The final verdict on the CA exams 2021, has been passed and the Supreme Court has decided that CA exams would be held. The court directed the ICAI to come up with an inclusive opt-out option for students suffering from Covid-19. The panel also clarified that apart from the opt-out option, all the points mentioned in the SOP will remain unchanged. A Bench of Justices AM Khanwilkar, Dinesh Maheshwari, and Aniruddha Bose heard the plea filed by Anubhav Srivastava Sahai citing the postponement of CA July exams 2021 and several other issues. ICAI filed an SOP in the court this morning after citing all the concerns raised by the students. The apex court heard all the arguments raised regarding the SOP field related to the CA exams. The SOP had been written and filed based on various points as asked by the SC. However, the Bench found it inadequate and thus asked the ICAI to add points as said in the order. The following points are: • The court has directed ICAI to conduct CA examinations scheduled from 5th July. However, the following points have been added to the opt-out options. • Candidates who have suffered personally or their family members are affected can be certified by a medical practitioner and be allowed to opt-out and it won't be considered as an attempt, • RT-PCR certification won’t be required, although a certificate from a doctor on Covid will suffice the requirement. • If any candidate contracts the virus during the examination period, and cannot sit for the rest of the exams, may opt-out and this won’t be counted as an attempt. • The Supreme Court has rejected ICAI’s suggestion of not providing an opt-out option to the candidates, in case of a last-minute change in location of examination centre and further said, changes in the location of exam centre in the last minute, ICAI must allow the candidates to opt-out without considering it as an attempt. The Supreme Court stood firm on its decision to not postpone ICAI CA examinations, which will begin in July. However, the court has agreed on granting an opt-out option, for candidates who won’t be able to give exams on account of Covid-19 restrictions.

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