Calcutta University to Allot 2 hours to Answer Final Semester UG Exams from Home

Candidates are supposed to answer papers within two hours

On Monday, Calcutta University announced that candidates are required to answer papers on digital mode for final semester undergraduate exams from their home. They will be given two hours to complete the paper.

Earlier, the university allowed students 24 hours to complete the paper on digital mode. This started a controversy as some educationists stated that it would be a “mockery of our education system as a candidate can write from his/her textbook in 24 hours which is against the concept of our establishment examination pattern.”

The UGC, therefore, had asked CU to limit the examination time between 2 to 3 hours instead of the 24-hour time limit. The exams will be conducted from October 1 to 8 and the colleges will send the results to the university by October 18.

After a meeting with the principals of CU-affiliated colleges, Vice-Chancellor Sonali Chakraborty Banerjee told reporters that the respective institutions will provide the question paper to the students via mail/Whatsapp just before the start of the exams.

“We are adding another 30 minutes for uploading the answers but no more than that. If any candidate faces network glitches, he/she will have to take it up with his/her college”, she added.

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