California's wildfires turn the state orange while 2000 homes are burnt.

Pictures of the largest-ever California wildfires surface online.

2020 witnesses California becoming 'Hellifornia' while a million acres of land burns and makes this year's wildfire the largest wildfire season recorded in the state's history. The ongoing wildfires of California have burnt more than 3% of the state's land as of 11th September 2020.

The fire has resulted in burning more than 2000 homes and other buildings.

The US Forest Service close 18 national forests and declare it an emergency due to the devastating wildfires this season.

It has been recorded by authorities that more than half a million residents have been evacuated in Oregon while California's firefighters battle the state's largest inferno.

Eight killed in the western US while officials warn of the death toll's increasing possibility in the upcoming days. The firenado reckons a massive climate change in the state.

Multiple mega-fires have resulted in burning more than 2 million acres of land in San Francisco while millions of residents smother in the toxic air around the state.

Videos surface online of trees engulfed in flames near picnic spots in the forests of California. The fire is said to be driven by dry fuels and steep terrain. A number of 28 major wildfires have been reported in the state.

Before-after pictures of skies turning orange in San Francisco due to California wildfires.

While California is currently battling its most destructive wildfires season ever, the skies of San Frisco and the UK turn orange.

The meteorological department reports that the wildfires burning 8,000 km away in California are the reason behind the orange skies in Britain, UK. The sight of a strong and straight jet stream flowing across North Atlantic from North America has also been reported.

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