Captain Amarinder Singh end the suspense on his next political move

The battle for Punjab's future is on, said Captain Amarinder Singh. Also, open to ally with BJP if farmers' protests are resolved.

File Photo of Former Punjab CM Captain Amarinder Singh

"The battle for Punjab's future is on. Will soon announce the launch of my political party to serve the interests of Punjab and its people, including our farmers," tweeted Singh's media advisor on Tuesday night, and finally, the suspense that had been built on his next step for a long time ended. Now he is thinking of bringing a new party of his own to this political stage. As is often seen in politics, today Amarinder Singh is ready for seat arrangement from his biggest opposition political party BJP. He has also met Home Minister Amit Shah and NSA Adviser Ajit Doval after his resignation and due to this, news of him joining BJP was also triggered, later he denied these reports and now he has come up with his political party news.

Singh said he was hopeful about a seat arrangement with BJP in the 2022 polls if the issue of Farmers' protest will get resolved. An announcement of his new party wasn't a surprise for anyone as he had already left the congress. Even political watchers had already predicted this move.

This is the first time when Captain has made his future plans clear after the huge uproar in Punjab a few months before the upcoming 2022 election. He was forced to resign as CM of Punjab in September following the news of the rift between him and Navjot Singh Sidhu. Amarinder Singh had said he felt humiliated at the way the party high command in Delhi handled the party affairs in Punjab.

"I will not rest till I can secure the future of my people and my state. Punjab needs political stability and protection from internal and external threats," Singh's latest tweet said, clearly indicating how the battle lines will be drawn.

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