Car crash at Sochi, in the Russian F2 Sprint Race

Images of the car crash on Sunday at the F2 Sprint Race

On 27th September 2020, Luca Ghiotto's Hitech car burst into flames after a huge crash with Jack Aitken at the Formula 2's second race. The F2 Sprint Race was held at the Russian Grand Prix on Sunday but was abandoned due to the massive car crash. The race was red-flagged on the 7th lap as marshals worked to put out the fire on Ghiotto's Hi-tech car. The race wasn't restarted ultimately due to the severity of the crash. The drivers of both cars walked away from the incident as their cars were plowed off the circuit. The cars crashed at turn three and into the TechPro barriers.

Images of the car after the crash

The safety barriers at the Turn Three were completely destroyed when the car crashed into it in at the Sochi autodrome. One of the cars burst into fire and the other was left destroyed, while the race was abandoned. The driver's, Ghiotto, and Aitken were not injured severely.

The car crashed and went straight into the barriers

While Ghiotto tried to pull off a difficult comeback, only to botch his move, ended up catching Aitken's car at speed, resulting in heavy wreckage.

After the race, Jack Aitken revealed, while speaking to reporters that the main cause behind the crash was a punctured tire. Aitken also said that he tried to slow down his car as soon as he sensed that one of his tires had popped, after which the car crashed into Ghiotto's car before being hurled out of the track straight into the barrier.

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