Car rushed in to water body in Haridevpur, a person died

A terrible car accident happened in Haridebpur. A car suddenly lost control and fell in the lake park near the KMC drainage pumping station on Friday afternoon. It is informed that the car was strolling in the area for some time. After that, the car suddenly lost control and fell into the water in the middle of the lake at high speed, around 3:45 pm. The walkers of that park were interrogated by the police as some of them are the eye-witness.

An iron wire mesh was laid around the lake, but it could not stop the speeding car. As soon as the car was spotted, the news reached the local police station Haridebpur. Several police and disaster management teams from the police station went to the spot.

Rescuing the car from the water body in Haridevpur. Source: Sangbad Pratidin

The fire department and the disaster response team went down in the lake to reach the vehicle. The car fell into a lake about fifteen feet deep. As a result, it took a long time for the disaster response team to come and notice. Mud on the ground floor and low visibility on the water floor take a lot of time. As soon as the car was recovered, it was noticed that a person was inside.

The person was brought out after the car has become completely free of water. A local resident said that the car lost control and fell straight into the lake after speeding. The car was recovered after the disaster management team conducted a search operation for some time. A Calcutta police ambulance was brought to the spot as soon as a person was spotted in the vehicle. The man, who was trapped in the car, was rescued and sent to Vidyasagar Hospital.

Doctors declared 26-year-old Sonai Ghosh dead as soon as he went to the hospital. According to the locals, two persons were in the vehicle. To search for another body diver went under the water but did not find another body. The divers will be seen on Saturday and again to search for another person.

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