Case lodged against 2 health staffers for faking swab collection.

On April 10, two swab collectors at a Primary Health Centre in Kodigehalli were suspended. They were caught packing swabs without actually taking any samples. A senior government official said, the two staff members identified as Mohan and Nagaraj were collecting swabs and sending them to laboratories without actually taking any nasal or oral samples from people. A video clip of them manipulating the data went viral. They were doing this in an attempt to meet the testing targets. In the video, Nagaraj is asking another staff to record everything and to share it on social media and with other senior officials. He said that he is not scared and that he knows how to handle the situation. Both Mohan and Nagaraj were putting back the swabs into the containers without taking the samples. There were other staff members at PHC laughing in the background - identified as ASHA workers Kusuma, Prema and Padma and a staff member, Ashok. Two days ago their activity came to light. Through an initial, it was known that these two men were sending bottles of swab without the samples as there were 12 Covid-19 test reports inconclusive, i.e neither positive nor negative. It was informed that Nagaraj used to work as a helper in a hospital where he lost the job last year. Only 6 months ago, both Nagaraj and Mohan underwent training to collect samples for the civic body. Dr. Bhagyalakshmi, a BBMP health officer said that the police were investigating how the two generated specimen referral form id and whose phone number they wrote while sending the samples. Police informed that the case has been registered against the two under section 177 and 408 of the Indian Penal Code. They've not been arrested yet.

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