Chaos erupted in Khopoli as a Chemical factory exploded, killing 2 and injuring six

A blast occurred in the chemical factory of Khopoli, Raigad district, Maharashtra

The silence in the Khopoli was shattered by an explosion causing chaos and panic among the citizens of Raigad. The incident happened on the night of Thursday around 2:55 A.m. and the explosion killed 1 male and 1 female person on the spot and also injured six others.

The explosion occurred in the chemical factory of Jashnova Pharma & Specialist Pvt. ltd and initial investigation reports revealed that the cause of the explosion was due to break-down in the reactor.

Locals revealed that the impact of the explosion was so loud that it was even felt within miles of 2km. Police officials revealed that due to the impact the shed of the watchman's house collapsed killing her wife and injuring him and his 3 children. The blast also killed the neighbor company's watchman as his shed was unfortunately also collapsed in the havoc.

S.I. Dhanaji Kshirsagar of Khopoli P.S told the officials that 12 fire bogeys were rushed to the spot and took care of the situation in mere 4 hours. Also, the injured were taken to a nearby civic-hospital and their situation is fortunately stable now. The Police identified the deceased as Bishnavi Krishna Nevpani & Anwar Raza Khan.

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