Google photos free unlimited storage is going expire soon, check out the alternative apps

In this era pictures have become an important aspects of everyone's life. But no body wants to full their mobile storage with bulky pictures. So, only to avoid this Google has provided us a golden opportunity by giving free unlimited storage till date. But now it's going to end soon.

Google rolled out the deadline that it will remove free unlimited storage option for photos and videos. The new policy of Google will come into effect on June 1 after which users will only get 15GB free storage.

So today I'm going to share a few alternatives apps, which you can definitely try to back-up your pictures. Without doing further more delay let's check.

1. DigiBoxx :

DigiBoxx platform is India’s very own cloud storage platform and offers 20 GB free cloud storage. If your free storage have end, and you want more space you can opt for 100GB storage plan at just Rs 30. If you one of those who click pictures all the year around you can select 2TB storage plan. The plan priced at Rs 360 with a validity of 1 year.

2. Degoo :

Degoo is the second alternative app of Google photos. It provides 100GB cloud storage for free. If you wish to have more storage, you can buy it for 500GB storage plan which will cost around Rs 220 per month. A 10TB storage plan is also available for you at approximately Rs 735 per month.

3. Microsoft OneDrive :

Microsoft OneDrive is the third alternative app of Google photos. You can get 1TB free storage if you have a Microsoft 365 subscription. If you are not a subscriber then you can opt for 100GB storage plan at just Rs 140 per month. In India OneDrive is a secure and reliable option for users.

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