Chennai: Heavy rain lashed out ahead of Cyclone Nivvar

Tamil Nadu: On the morning of Wednesday, Chennai received heavy rainfall as the Nivvar cyclone is knocking on the door of the south-east coast which is eventually urging the officials to declare a vacation and ban all the mass gatherings and shops-openings.

Heavy rainfall on Wednesday in Chennai

(Source - Hindustan Times)

The IMD has indicated that the storm will be very severe and it is set to cross the Tamil Nadu and Puducherry coasts later on Wednesday. It is also forecasted that some parts of Andhra will also be slammed by the Nivvar. Nivvar is supposed to make landfall later on Wednesday having a wind-speed of more than 145kmp/h between the Karaikal and Mamallapuram coasts quoted the Indian Meteorological Department. Chennai has already recorded very heavy rainfall of 120mm between Tuesday and Wednesday and is expecting the arrival of Nivaar very soon.

The NDRF has already deployed more than 30 teams in T.N, A.P, and Puducherry, and 20 teams have been kept on stand-by for tackling the cyclone aftermath. The government has advised everyone to stay under shelter and coastal areas are being evacuated.

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