Chhattisgarh: After Break-up Most Girls File Rape Case, Women Commission Chairperson said

Chhattisgarh Women Commission Chairperson Kiran Mayee Nayak

Raipur: Chhattisgarh chairperson of women commission has provoked a dispute stating that when girls are separated from their live-in relationship, they complain FIR for rape and unified physical relationship.

According to chairperson Kiran Mayee Nayak engaged girls and women should not be get imprisoned in relationship with married men. They should know that the result of this would not be good.

In Bilaspur on December 10, Kiran Mayee spoke to media persons after "jan sunwayi" of the commission, in these days girls get married when they turn 18 and carrying a baby in their hand they come to us in relationship issues.

The chairperson said, we generally deal with cases girls and women discarded after keeping a relationship with married men.

In this case, girls should realize their mistake before taking up a relationship with a married man. They should know that they are harming themselves. This type of relationship ends at court and police station.

Girls develop a physical relationship with married men, stay with them in a live-in relationship and when ditched, they file rape case. It's wrong and the result of such a relationship is always problematic.

Kiran Mayee said, " Girls start with filmy kind love but end up with spoiling their life or get ditched from the wrong relationship. The girls should educate themselves and acknowledge their relationship in life.

According to Kiran Mayee, it is always a misconception that men are always wrong, women are also doing fault and in this case, we are trying to bring together their families. Kiran Mayee also said, I always rebuke and counsel to these types of girls or women.

According to BJP worker Harshita Pandey, We should not conclude this after seeing some cases. But Chief Minister supported Kiran Mayee's statement. He said Kiran Mayee has a constitutional position. It must be coming out from her experiences only.

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