Chief Justice - Mr. N. V. Ramana-Here to bring change and to show the right path to the judiciary.

Image source - SSC online

Truth can be annoyed but cannot fail.

All the three organs of democracy -

Executive, legislature, and the judiciary are equally responsible to maintain the constitutional trusts - 68th chief justice of India from 24 April 2021.

In the P.D.Desai memorial lecture on “Rule of Law” through the Internet.

Every citizen may choose their ruler, and no dictatorship is tolerable.

CGI - computer-generated imagery told that objection and protest are a critical part of democracy.

Professor Julius stone told in his book named “The province of law,” about how the participation of every citizen is a must in democracy.

Even the British " rule by law" is better than our prevailing" rule of law". The principal motive of the judiciary is to promote justice and equality and the Parliament has no right to diminish it.

His views over social media platforms -

This enormous amplifying tool cannot disguise between right and wrong, good or bad, real or imagined, etc.

I implored all the judges to give the right decision without bothering about social media. There is a lot of pressure from the executive. It must never forget that it has the authority to look into the government’s actions.

The judiciary is independent can not be regulated by any legislation, executive. Otherwise the “rule of law” will be under suspension.

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