Child of 2years murdered by her mother over an conflict with father-in-law

On Tuesday, a mother killed her two-year-old child after an argument with her father-in-law in Ramannaguda in Hyderabad.

The accused was identified as Parameshwari, she had two children and a marriage of 5years.

The incident took place after her husband left for work. Parameshwari indulges in a conflict with her father-in-law, Venkataiah. Venkataiah is a paralytic patient and was advised not to smoke. Hence, he was smoking, Parameshwari took an objection and started to quarrel. It has been reported that she was in intoxicated condition at that time, hence in such a state of mind, she suffocated her younger son Dhanush to death.

Later, one of their relatives arrived and found the child dead. At first, Parameshwari acted innocent then she confessed her crime.

The police arrested her and the case got registered under Section 302 IPC.

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