Chin National Army (CNA) has sought asylum for their families in India

On Wednesday, an official in Mizoram said, "Myanmar-based armed insurgent group Chin National Army (CNA) has sought asylum for their families in India in the wake of the military coup in the neighbouring country."

Maria C.T. Zuali, deputy commissioner of Mizoram's Champhai district has told, "the CNA, the armed wing of the Chin National Front (CNF), has asked for asylum for 40 families."

She said, "The CNA has communicated the matter to the village council president of Farkawn, who later informed the Champhai district administration." She added, "that she has forwarded the matter to higher authorities."

Officials said, "The district administration has issued an alert against an influx of refugees from Myanmar in the wake of the coup."

According to the information, Mizoram shares approximately 404 km porous international border with Myanmar. On Tuesday, an official notification was issued by Ms Zuali, where she instructed clearly all the villagers to inform the district administration if any of the Myanmarese refugees are seen entering their areas.

Officials said, "thousands of members of the Chin community of Myanmar fled to Mizoram because of the military junta since the late 1980s."

They said, "though many have returned to Myanmar after democracy was restored in the neighbouring country, thousands of them are still living in the state."

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