China arrested three bloggers for questioning the death of PLA soldiers

(Picture Source- The Hindu)

China detained three bloggers for insulting and raising rumors against PLA soldiers who died in Galwan Valley clash at LAC. Authorities in China say that they have detained three bloggers for making false and derogatory statements towards the PLA soldiers, who died in the Galwan Valley clash 8 months ago.

An investigative journalist Qiu Ziming was arrested in Ninjing. He was detained after questioning on a Chinese official account of the Galwan Valley clash. On Friday, China revealed few details of the Chinese soldiers who had died in the border clash with the Indian Army in Galwan valley at LAC. The Chinese military announced honors for five PLA soldiers including four who had died and one regimental commander who was injured. Qiu questioned the official account of the Chinese military. He asked that according to the official account, some of the soldiers died coming to the aid of troops in difficulty.

The number of deaths should be higher and how it took eight months to announce the number of deaths of PLA soldiers. He messaged his 2.8 million followers on his social media account on Weibo.

In the queue of arrest, a 25-year-old person surnamed Yang was also arrested for posting insulating contents towards the PLA soldiers who fought in the India-China border clash. He was detained in southwestern Sichuan province and given seven days of detention. As per the report by Chinese state media, A 28-year-old blogger surnamed Chen is in 7 days detention. Police alleged him of publishing insulting comments in a group chat on social media platform called WeChat against the PLA soldiers.

The announcement of the honors coming after India and China mutually agreed on disengagement. China has also released video footages to show its soldier's valor. The clash between India and China occurred on 15th June. In the clash, 20 Indian soldiers were martyred whereas China didn't reveal its fatalities till 8 months.

According to the Indian military officials, who were presented at the site claims that around 45 Chinese soldiers had died in the clash.

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