CM Mamata Banerjee and Amit Shah banters upon JP Nada's convoy

Attack on JP Nada's Convoy

(Source: The Indian Express)

The TMC and BJP bantered upon the alleged attack on JP Nada's convoy and gave rise to a new political agenda. The chief of BJP JP Nada was attacked allegedly with stones & bricks when he was on his way to Diamond Harbour, Kolkata.

The CM of Kolkata told the press that it was a staged attack but Home Minister Amit Shah and several other Union Ministers blamed TMC for this crooked behavior. Mamata Banerjee reacted to this and told the source that each day the activists of the BJP come to rallies with firearms and are self-harming themselves to blame TMC. She also added to her statement that all the BJP officials come with the protection of CISF, CRPF, Indian Army. So they do not have to remain scared.

Nada was not hurt as he was traveling in a bulletproof car but some other party members were not that lucky and faced minor injuries. The Home Minister Amit Shah took onto Twitter to bash the attack and said the alleged attack is been taken seriously and TMC must stop the Gunda raj in his state.

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