College student raped and murdered in West Midnapore

A startling wave of violence has spread through West Bengal after the election results were announced. Source- Hindu Post A disturbing report of 20-year-old Saswati Jana, a second-year student of Debra College, West Midnapore being allegedly raped and murdered has caught the attention off of Pingla. Some workers laboring in the area have been taken into custody for questioning.

Fight for Justice
Several Twitter handles have condemned this incident, tagging the state police and demanding an answer. The state police have not yet responded to any of these tweets and have not commented on the allegations made. Moreover, protestors have come down to the streets demanding justice for Saswati Jana.
Similar Incident They have reported another incident from Kendamari village in Nandigram, where goons allegedly belonging to TMC were seen thrashing female BJP workers in broad daylight.
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