Colleges continue to offer online classes with no word for campus reopening

After the Durga Puja holiday, college students and lecturers are gearing up for another round of online classes, in West Bengal.

Source:- Edusanjal

The decision by two school boards to conduct tests offline has reignited hope that a decision on grading the reopening of educational establishments will be made in the next weeks, but their immediate goal is to finish the syllabus before semester exams begin at the end of the year.

Some institutions have started offering online classes again this week, while others will start next week. After Kali Puja, some businesses are reopening. “We had hoped to return to our college, but it does not appear to be possible. We don't have any other choice but to prepare for another round of online classes.

We don't have much time to finish our curriculum because the first semester started late. So now the aim is to complete the syllabus," said Rajib Ghosh, a Seth Anandram Jaipuria College first-year business student.

Online classes will resume next week at St Xavier's College and St Paul's. The English department's first and third semester sessions will begin on October 25. "Other online classes will resume soon, remarked a faculty member.

The decision by two major school boards to conduct examinations offline, according to a college administrator who did not want to be identified, has sparked confidence that a decision to reopen colleges and universities will be made shortly.

This year, thousands of students graduated without ever setting foot on campus. In the last four semesters before graduation, science students did not undertake even simple experiments. At the very least, some on-campus activities should be permitted, and the decision on whether or not to begin full-fledged offline classes can be made later, the principal stated.

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