Colleges torturing students with no reduction in fees amidst pandemic.

Taking into consideration the current situation, which our country is suffering from since 2020, the COVID-19 virus has been really harsh on the majority of us, knocking off the roots of one's family.

Within a few weeks about 20,000 higher education institutions had ceased normal operations and sent 200 million students home with many switching to online classes after only a few days of preparation.

As country after country imposes partial or total lockdowns due to this pandemic, the number of universities and colleges have been closed and continuing to teach online, the mode which has followed since 2020. There are so many other issues we should look forward to when talking about going through this pandemic.


This situation had an adverse effect on students too highlighting their mental health. Restriction to travel, communication, and such other things directly reflected on their mental state of being.

source: healthy minds network and American College health association, the impact of covid-19 on college student wellbeing, 2020. Talking about the fees of a college, which should have been rightfully reduced, on the contrary, the reduction has been refused totally. Insensitive, after knowing about the current financial crisis of the majority of families and a constant appeal did not seem to affect the authorities at all, leaving the situation for students and their families to suffer.

Students are ready to pay for tuition fees but the incorporation of miscellaneous expenses seems incomprehensible. As students are not acquiring any use of college's assets, then the electricity charges and other such expenses, why are these even taken to be under consideration?

Many families are suffering from the situation, where they are unable to afford even a balanced intake of food including the misery of unavailability of clothes to wear.

Source: Economic Times.

Managing mental wellness is just as important after work as it is during working hours, whether it's online or offline.

​​Covid-19 has caused innumerable hardships to breadwinners and pushed countless families behind by years, if not decades. There are reports of India’s malnutrition rising due to Covid-19, and the elderly, and here the children suffered the biggest collateral damage.


Due to this epidemic, many businesses have come up to a halt with a null profit or at the least earn up for a living. Some low-income students have dropped out, and there are growing concerns about hunger and homelessness.

When the students are the ones who are paying for WiFi, stable internet connectivity, the college has zero involvement in this, then why such a huge amount should be paid as fees??

Source: The Times of India.

Insisting on payment for facilities not provided to students would amount to profiteering which must be avoided by the schools, Supreme Court said.

Source: The Indian Express.

The last financial year (2020-21) started with the whole country being under one of the strictest (and, grossly ill-planned) lockdowns anywhere in the world. But at that time few would have thought that April 2021 would be worse in terms of Covid cases than April 2020.

Indeed, initial government estimates last year suggested that there won’t be any new Covid cases after 16th May 2020.

Source: The Indian Express.

The chart above is prepared by Max Roser of Our World in Data. It maps the percentage of the population in each country that lives on less than $30 a day (roughly an income of Rs 66,000 per month). In India, 99.5% of all population lives below this number. If one person earns more than that amount, then they are in the top 0.5% of this country in terms of daily income.

To conclude, there are many ongoing hardships which the majority of the crowd are facing, regardless of facilities being provided through online classes or be it workshops or seminars, whether it's on mental well-being or any other co-related issues, keeping in mind existential financial crisis and poverty-stricken families, the fees should be curbed down to a satisfactory amount with the elimination of miscellaneous charges acknowledging the fact that there is zero accessibility to any of the college's resources.