Commonwealth Games village becomes Delhi's 1st COVID centre with their own oxygen plant

Due to the shortage of oxygen all over the country because of a vast surge in COVID-19 cases, Delhi has got its first COVID care center with its oxygen plant at the Commonwealth Games village Sports complex. Source- ANI

Clinical Manager's Statement:

The oxygen plant can provide oxygen to 18-20 patients simultaneously.

Dr. Anurag Mishra, Clinical Manager at the COVID care center, said that to overcome the shortage of medical oxygen, an oxygen plant has been set up at the COVID care center itself. "The shortage of medical oxygen in Delhi is because of the supply chain of the oxygen cylinders. Setting up our oxygen plant is a brilliant move," he said. He added that "the HCL Foundation has donated the plant. We are thankful to them as we no longer depend on a supply chain."

He further urged the hospitals to set up their oxygen plant as it can save many lives. Several hospitals within Delhi are still wrestling with a shortage of oxygen, as coronavirus cases continue to spike every passing day.

Current Situation

A lockdown is also in place within the national capital till May 10.

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