Congress leader suspends rallies due to Covid situation.

Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Sunday said that he will be suspending his remaining engagements in West Bengal due to the Covid-19 surge and urged all political leaders to “think about the consequences of holding large public rallies”.

Source: Twitter.

Source : The Indian Express.

In spite of the surge in daily Covid-19 cases, election campaigning in Bengal continues to be in operation, Union Home Minister Amit Shah, to hold multiple rallies and roadshows in the state.

Rahul Gandhi decided to terminate his rallies when there was a single-day spike of over 2.61 lakh Covid-19 cases and active cases in the country surpassed the 18 lakh mark and where voting in three of the eight-phase assembly election is yet to be held.

Gandhi also advised all political leaders "to think deeply about the consequences of holding large public rallies" under the current situation.

He mocked Modi for holding rallies in such a drastic situation and also for not returning to Delhi where the situation has worsened more than before and whereas he has held only two rallies in the state so far and was scheduled to campaign in Malda and Murshidabad districts.

With seeing such a high response of crowd from Bengal, Modi took to Twitter saying that:

"I have come here twice during the Lok Sabha elections. When I was becoming the Prime Minister and sought your vote. Last time, I came here to seek votes for Babulji (Union minister Babul Supriyo). The first time I came to ask for your votes for myself. But the crowd was only a quarter of this size. But today, I see huge crowds of people in all directions... Today, you have shown your power and I can see a wave of people everywhere I see,” PM Modi said.

Since the pandemic began last year, India reported 2,61,500 new cases in the last 24 hours, its highest single-day surge. More than 2 lakh new cases have been reported.

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