Congress Student Union files Missing Complaint against Amit Shah

Several users tweeted with '#AmitShahMissing' suggesting that Home Minister Amit Shah has been 'MIA (Missing in Action)' while India is fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. Source-

According to Congress' student's union, the National Students' Union of India (NSUI), and Twitter, Union Minister Amit Shah is 'missing' metaphorically. As the hashtag 'Amit Shah Missing' trended on Twitter on Thursday morning with over 5,000 tweets, many users tweeted suggesting that he has been 'MIA (Missing in Action)' while the country is combatting the COVID-19 pandemic.

Missing Complaint Filed:

On Wednesday, Delhi Police paid a visit to the NSUI office on a complaint filed by its national general secretary Nagesh Kariyappa in which he alleged that Amit Shah has "disappeared amid the pandemic and the citizens are in a crisis". The student leader, in his complaint with the Parliament Street police station, said politicians are meant to work for the nation and not run away from a crisis. He further added that when the country is suffering from a deadly pandemic and the citizens are confronting a crisis, the politicians must be accountable, not only towards the government of India or the BJP but also towards the citizens of the country.

NSUI Secretary's Statement:

NSUI national secretary and in-charge of its media and communication wing, Lokesh Chugh, said that until 2013, the politicians were accountable towards the citizens, but things changed totally after the BJP came to power in 2014, and now the 'second person in command' in the central government is 'missing' amid the pandemic. Chugh declared that when people need the government to take care of them, it's the office-bearers are nowhere to be seen.

Kariyappa further added that the entire country is undergoing a tragic pandemic and all that the people need now is the government to support the citizens and be accountable for its deeds. Kariyappa added that the current government has failed to do so and as a result, the NSUI has filed a missing person complaint against the Home Minister and is waiting for the government to answer to its people. This has also given rise to several memes on Twitter and other social media platforms.

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