Contaminated water supply in Kolkata: 1 dead, 10 falls sick

A senior civic official said on Monday that a man died and 10 others are sick after consuming drinking water contaminated with sewage on Saturday.

Bhubaneswar Das(43) died on Saturday. He was a resident of the labor of Kolkata Municipal Corporation( KMC) on Sashi Sekhar Bose row. According to the officials of the municipality, the incident took place due to some fault in the sewage system. Drinking-Water contaminated with sewage.

At least 10 other residents of the quarter are still sick. They too consumed the same dirty water. "

Any death is unfortunate. We are taking all precautionary measures and necessary repairing has been undertaken. We are supplying drinking water and ORS to the families in the area, Ward coordinator of KMC, Mr. Malakar told PTI.

Chairman of the KMC board of directors Firhad Hakim also acknowledged the matter and asked the concerned officials to submit a report in this regard.

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