Contrary to Badaun Gangrape case: Dominant shift to hold accused and associates to custody

On Wednesday in a dominant shift of Baduan gangrape and case of a 50-year-old woman, the liable with his associates have been holding to one-day police custody by a local court, they have been already prisoned but some questions are still needed to be responded which made them take such decision.

The temple priest and his assistants were accused of rape and murder. Two assistants were identified as Vedram and Jaspal who got confined on 5 January. Afterward, the priest was also arrested. The 50-year-old woman was an Anganwadi worker, as per her son, the victim went out to trot out prayers at the temple but she didn't come back. Later around 11 pm the priest along with his associates handed over the victim's body, when the family members charged them for her death, the priest left the house by saying the victim had fallen in a dry well and they discovered the body and brought it to home. Thus, Budaun CMO issued that the death occurred of enormous bleeding and torture.

On Tuesday, a video conferencing took place with the court of the chief judicial magistrate which demanded the custody of the accused which was granted today.

This case prompts a violation outburst and also distinct from the Nitbhaya case as the post-mortem confirmed a rape, broken rib cage, a fractured leg, and other injuries.

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