Cops Chased Bengal BJP Leader Murder Accused

BJP Manish Shukla was shot dead on October 4 in Titagarh

The two men involved in the murder of the BJP leader in West Bengal were arrested. The dramatic footage was released from Ludhiana in Punjab. They were arrested on Friday. A speeding bike passed a group of police officers. Seconds later the two riders fall backward onto the road, as one of them increased the throttle in order to escape the crowd trying to get hold of them.

The accused who had fled to Punjab after murdering BJP leader Manish Shukla on October 4 were reportedly fleeing after committing a robbery. The local people and policemen chased and caught them.

According to Bengal's Criminal Investigation Department, the connection of the two men with BJP leader's murder in Bengal's Barrackpore became known during their investigation. They were brought back to the state. The accused were brought to a court in Kolkata's Barrackpore on Friday and sent to judicial custody for 14 days.

An officer quoted, "These two men were part of the gang of shooters who murdered Manish Shukla. We have been looking for them and conducted a raid in Bihar. But they had fled to Punjab by then."

Manish Shukla was shot dead on October 4 in Titagarh, about 20km from north Kolkata, when he was speaking with some locals and party workers near a local police station. As fas as now, three people have been arrested regarding this murder case.

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