Corona vaccine, 7 participants disqualified from Oxford phase lll trial.

Whilst the world fighting the pandemic, scientists from India and across the globe are up to finding a cure for the disease, considering the urgency of the COVID-19 pandemic which has caused huge losses of the economy and lives of the people. Most of the vaccines under contention right now are way into phase ll and phase lll of trials with everyone having hopes of readying the vaccines by the early months of 2021.

Most of the vaccine trials are split according to the objectives and safety guidelines. Phase lll trial of the vaccine being a most crucial leg of trials, it includes a large group of volunteers, from varied categories and age groups.

Oxford-AstraZeneca, which is one of the most promising vaccine candidates is running phase III trials in India as 'Covishield'.

According to the reports from the agency, the volunteers in question were disqualified because of medical reasons and will be presented for screening again this week."All seven candidates who were selected on Monday have become ineligible due to various medical reasons, including antibody tests coming positive for some. A few more candidates have been screened today (Tuesday) and if their results in the antibody and COVID-19 tests are negative and if they are eligible on other medical grounds, they will be administered, vaccine candidate.."

While the participants can opt-out or leave the trial, there are specific guidelines as to who can enroll for the trial.

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