Councilor El-Hayek of Sydney delivers food himself to vulnerable families in lockdown districts.

Coronavirus 2019, popularly known as Covid-19 is a big family of different viruses. Since 2019, the world is facing "pack up's" in different forms and in different parts. Several unknown terms as "lockdown", "quarantine", etc. became regular in people. Kids were taken well care of their immune system, new items such as 'disinfect sprays', 'masks' were the highly sold items. Ambulances and hospital beds became unavailable, graveyards and cemeteries were regularly active. The world shattered with its population and economy due to this pandemic and it is still at no end.

Australia, which was out of the high covid-19 numbers of many other countries is now facing the vigorous spread of the Delta variant and a slow vaccine roll out leaving the country exposed. Nearly 5,000 active cases come from 9 Sydney local government districts.

Harsh lockdown is declared in the Residents of Sydney's Bayside area and two other council areas as they border the city's highest covid-19 cases area, which is the Canterbury Bankstown council area. This was stated according to the state health authorities.

Image Source: Reuters

Billal-El-Hayek, a local government councillor and community leader for the city of Canterbury Bankstown in Sydney's southwest, along with his friend and volunteer Ameer Yassine volunteers in Meals on Wheels and delivers food to the vulnerable during the lockdown.

"We're just trying to help out as much as possible. It's been a tough, tough situation", said El-Hayek. "People lost their jobs. People lost their businesses. people have high mortgages. It's pretty devastating out here." He also added.
Image Source: City of Canterbury Bankstown

El-Hayek who was born in Lebanon moved to Australia at a very young age. While he was young and at his school, he had the passion to serve the community. He now serves as a city councillor, the youth and families.

Somewhat 1,000 pre-cooked meals are delivered by him to the financially struggling families or to the ones who cannot step out. The meals are prepared by the Greater Western Sydney football club and a charity programme called Lighthouse Community Support.

Sydney is an amazing example to other countries, states and cities. Daily we hear the positive and negative cases revolving around the coronavirus. We hear deaths and affected. But how many times do we read articles like the above mentioned one? How many times do we hear how the government or the councillors are active like El-Hayek? Despite having a slow vaccine role, the Sydney government is trying and making moves to be supportive to its citizens.

El-Hayek relates a story of an elderly woman who was thankful and grateful for the food that she tried to donate despite facing financial problems. To this the councillor said-

"If people want to know why we do this, this is a really good example, perfect example. it just puts life into perspective."

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