Covaxin made by Bharat biotech banned and refused in 18 countries.

Image source- Bharat biotech

Covishield -AstraZeneca jab

It is one of the most used vaccines in the covid 19 waves. It is like the Oxford vaccine AstraZeneca jab and manufactured in India by the Bharat Biotech with the union as Covishield. This vaccine has been legally approved by health care doctors and specialists and is used worldwide.

Reason for its concern -

The reasons are blood clotting and thromboembolic events, e.g.formation of the clot in the blood vessel and the chances of breaking or carrying the blood to the next vessel close to it because of the elements used in its manufacturing.

Patients reviews -

They had blood clots in their lung.

2.Adverse effect on receiving both the dose.

3. Many health-related issues.

18 countries banned it-

The countries Austria, Iceland, Norway, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, France, etc. restricted the use of it.

Denmark was the first to inform about the concerns.

Earlier, the vaccine was disallowed for the age limit of above 65 and the one with low platelets. Unfortunately, because of many deaths countries banned it completely.

Conditions in India -

The condition in India for using this vaccine is quite moderate and also approved by WHO.