Covid 19 graph spikes high after staying low key for a few days.

After staying low key for a few days, the cases of covid 19 graph spikes high again as cases crossed the 85 lakh mark with more than 46000 new infections being reported last Saturday. In addition, the death toll reached a mark of over 550 cases daily.

While the graph is rising at an alarming rate in most parts of India, other states are experiencing a steadiness in the number of active cases. Scientists and doctors are worrying again about the steep rise being recorded again.

Maharashtra reported a significant decline in the number of fresh covid 19 cases with 3935 infections being recorded last Saturday, the lowest in the past twelve days record. In the same state, Mumbai has reported 576 new Covid-19 cases, the lowest that has been recorded in the last six months. Furthermore, 160 new deaths have been reported taking the mark of fatalities to a high range of over 45000.

On the other side of the country, Odisha has successfully recorded more than three lakh covid 19 cases, contributing to being one of the highest contributing states in India.

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