Covid 19 graph spikes high: Schools in dilemma to reopen schools.

At a time when nearly more than half of the academic year is gone, the friendly treaty between the safety of students and the hazards associated with the Covid 19 cases is still a myth and a cause of great concern. While some states have taken the decision to reopen schools with at least 50 percent of attendees, the immediate surge in cases post reopening is making the authorities rethink their decision.

On this note, Tamil Nadu, which had initially announced the reopening of schools and colleges in and from November 16, is rethinking their decision to hold a meeting with the parents of the wards. Even Telangana is holding a number of consultations regarding this. Meghalaya has scheduled to discuss matters later this month. Even Sikkim had earlier intended to reopen schools and colleges but has postponed their plans.

The education sector is truly suffering a drawback when almost 70 percent of the students in rural India are unable to attend classes that are being held online. On the other side, there are alarming issues related to schools being reopened. So the problem lies on either side of the river. In Andhra Pradesh, 879 teachers and 579 students have tested positive for Covid 19 virus after schools were reopened. So the entire situation has turned out to be a hotchpotch.

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