Covid-19 is detected in Kerala Temple’s Festival

Source- The telegraph

On Monday, The Kerala government limited the biggest festival of Kerala, known as 'Thrissur Pooram', they decided only to follow the rituals without the public presence.

The State Administration :

They took this decision by the state administration after a serious meeting with the festival’s organizers. Who wants to allow some people to be present themselves.

But now, only those people are allowed, who are directly connected with the festival, including temple musicians, priests, and organizers, would be permitted near the venue in Thrissur city.

The state Covid core committee meeting had also gone under a night curfew from 9 pm to 5 am starting Tuesday, because of the rising Covid cases. But there will be no restrictions on any essential services.

Thrissur Pooram :

While Thrissur Pooram received government clearance before the April 6 state elections in view of the reduced Covid cases at that point, many, including writers, expressed fears of the festival turning into a super-spreader like the Kumbh Mela as it usually attracts over 10 lakh people. One of the most popular and colorful temple festivals that parades large numbers of caparisoned elephants amid traditional percussion ensembles and fireworks, Thrissur Pooram has traditionally been a major tourist attraction for travelers from the West. The festival is a competition of sorts between two temples — Paramekkavu Bhagavathy temple and Thiruvambadi Sri Krishna temple — whose committees spend big money to prove their might in the courtyard of the Vadakkunathan Temple. The administration had initially ordered that only those who have RT-PCR negative certificates and have had at least one vaccine shot would be allowed. But now, as the covid cases are proliferating, the administration allowed entry only to those who have completed their two-dose vaccinations.

Government Source :

The government source said, “With the rising demand for canceling the festival or limiting it to just rituals, state chief secretary V.P. Joy on Monday convened a medical review board to assess the risks of such a large gathering. They would take a final decision on the board’s

Themmendation.” The party’s state spokesperson Sandeep Varier said in a Facebook message, “Some adamant officials, including the DMO (district medical officer), are unleashing false propaganda against Thrissur Pooram.” On Monday, the leader of the Opposition Ramesh Chennithala of the Congress said, “There is nothing wrong in allowing the rituals, but we need to keep in mind the backdrop of Covid-19. Since the situation is terrible, we need to proceed by following all safety protocols based on a consensus after discussions with all sides.” Spiritual leader Swami Sandeepananda Giri made a fervent appeal to the people to speak out against organizing the festival.

He wrote on Facebook, “I humbly request the people of Thrissur to make sure Kerala’s cultural capital wouldn’t become a city of funerals.” Noted writer N. S. Madhavan said, “That’s dangerously high. Stop super-spreader gatherings like Thrissur Pooram.”

Covid-19 cases :

On Monday, Kerala reported 13,644 fresh Covid cases, over 87,275 samples tested over 24 hours. 15.63 percent is the positive rate in the present circumstances. On Sunday, the state had reported 18, 257 cases from 1,08,898 samples.

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