Covid-19 new achievement from the last 75 days.

Reference source - BT business times

We assume the weird second wave to vanish. Each day we are noticing a new height of the recovery. Today all the record has broken.

There are 70,421 recent cases of covid-19 and is considered least in the backward 75 days. The death occurred today are 3,921.

If we talk about the total number of patients, approximately 2,95,10,410 and 3,74,305 deaths.

So far, 25,48,49,301 have pushed in the nationwide vaccination drive.

Few facts of this day covid control -

1. These are the states with 51% of the total active cases in India.Tamilnadu-14,000

Kerala -11.58 thousand

Maharashtra -10.4 thousand

2. The positivity rate is 5% for the seventh day.

3. Delhi even-odd system has eliminated, now shops, restaurants, etc, are free to open 7 days. This is just an examination of people’s awareness. If the cases increase earlier than again lockdown may be extended.- Arvind Kejriwal.

4. Haryana government extended lockdown for a week and is till June 21 allowing a few relaxations from 9 am to 8 pm.

5.Recent cases are below 1 lakh for the seventh day.

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