Covid-19: Overall positivity rate down, drops in 303 districts against 210 in previous week

NEW DELHI: The altogether Covid-19 positivity rate continues to decline and there is hope that the terrible of the second wave is over with more areas reporting an advanced fall in positivity along with raised testing over the previous three weeks.

The better news is, however, tempered with concern over positivity rate continuing high in some states with 22, including West Bengal, Karnataka, Kerala, and Andhra Pradesh, reporting over 15% positivity, health ministry data shows. Though the reducing positivity rates are a good sign, the improvement needs to be maintained over the next few weeks.

The everyday positivity rate lowered to 13.4% on Wednesday, even as over 20.5 lakh samples—the highest in a single day so far—got tested from across the country.

The all-around weekly case positivity declined consistently for the last two weeks to 15.2% during May 13-19, against 21.5% (April 29-May 5) as the number of regions with falling rates also increased to 303 from 210 in the same period.

India noticed a consistent upward trend in weekly tests since mid-February, with average daily tests increased by 2.3 times in the last 12 weeks. As a result of increased testing, the case positivity has declined since the last two weeks after a constant increase for 10 weeks, Lav Agarwal, joint secretary in the health ministry said.

He warned against any laxity and said a strict vigil and stringent containment criteria need to be in place as cases are still high in many states and any lapses can quickly reverse the overall positive trend seen in recent weeks.

Apart from the 22 states with over 15% positivity, there are 13 states where the positivity rate is between 5-15%.

Overall, around 2.76 lakh fresh cases were reported on Wednesday. Tamil Nadu reported the highest daily fresh cases at 34,875, followed by Karnataka with 34,281 fresh cases.

While the total active caseload stood at 31.29 lakh cases, eight states have over one lakh cases, nine have ranged between 50,000 to one lakh and 19 have less than 50,000 cases.

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