COVID-19 update along with Delhi pollution

The festive season which results in overcrowding increased the level of pollution and various other factors in Delhi showed an increased number of coronavirus patients from home isolation by 5,800 within the last ten days from October 23. On October 19 active home isolation cases were 14,164. Which was slightly decreased by October 20 to 14,046. But according to official data, the numbers increased by 20,093 on October 31.

Containment zone

With the rise in the curve, the number of containment zone has also increased by 2724 on October 21 to 3274 on October 31. Though there was a slight decrease in number from September 22, except for two days. Again the number increased on October 1 to 15,899 patients under home isolation.

Home Quarantine

The home quarantined cases were slowly decreasing from October 2-13, except on two days with a minimum increase.15,852 was the number on October 2 decreased by 12,176 on October 13, according to official data. But the number of home isolation cases increases the very next day to 12,360 and it gradually started to increase per day till October 19, to 14,164. Again, on the very next day, it decreased by 14,046 and again it increased by 14,227 on October 21. According to the official data, the home quarantined cases from October 21 to October 31 increased by 41 percent. According to Expert, overcrowded mass, rise in pollution level and negligence of people not maintaining the proper norms have increased the number of daily cases from past days which has also increased the number of home isolation cases.

Pollution, an added problem

Medical director, LNJP Hospital, Suresh Kumar said “Theaters have opened and people are going to market for festival shopping, this means more public activity and a thus greater chance of contracting the infection. Besides, pollution is an added factor”. He also said especially a patient with Asthma, COPD, and minor respiratory illness are more vulnerable, both symptomatic or asymptomatic. According to doctors' increase in pollution, the level can lead the virus to penetrate the lungs causing inflammation. “We would advise a patient with respiratory illness to stay indoors as much as possible. Mask should be worn all time while being outdoor, and social distancing norms should be followed,” said a senior doctor of a government hospital.

Increased level of testing

In the past few days, the Delhi government increased the level of testing where the number crossed 60,000. They are also giving stress on home isolation, as an asymptomatic patient is part of the COVID-19 management strategy. Of late, a decision has been taken that not to post cautionary posters on the walls of the patient of home isolation cases. It is said by the Saturday Bulletin that 3,47,476 patients have overcome, been discharged, or moved and the recovery rate is 89 percent. Home isolation cases increased by 19,213 on September 21, with a rise in the count from the last week of August. Again the count came down to a margin of 749 on September 22 to18464 which was registered after a long time. It again fell down to 17,834 the next day and containment zones were at 1,987. The number of containment zone crossed 2000 on September 24(2,059) then it becomes 3000 on October 27(3,032), and the number of home isolation cases became 17,995 to16,415 on the next day.

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